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On April 4th, Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter, Joe Miralles, released his fifth album appropriately titled, Five. Joe collaborated with producer, Cliff Hillis on the EP, and enlisted the writing talents of Paul Colman from the Paul Colman Trio for the project’s hit single, “Church Downtown”.  Five carries a tone that is uplifting and filled with hope, which is a refreshing break from much of the music that’s being released these days. But, this is mostly because Joe has his feet firmly planted in his faith. While the EP is not necessarily a Christian release, it’s clear that Joe Miralles writes from a faith focused perspective — a good thing.

Five offers six (6) songs that will get your toes tapping and your mouth singing. Of these available tracks, the one that stood out to me the most was the earlier mentioned, “Church Downtown”. This song is very upbeat and positively written. It’s a song about surrounding one’s self with people who won’t judge you, or bring you down. In this case, for Joe Miralles, that group of people just happens to be those at his local church — something I can totally relate to. The music has a light rock foundation that compliments Joe’s vocals well, and the overall message and sound is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a pick-me-up song when things aren’t going so great.

“Love Someone” and “Forgiven” are the other two songs that I’d recommend checking out on Five. Both of these tracks add to the album’s character, and help to cement Joe Miralles into the listener’s mind as someone you want to keep up with. If you’re a fan of faith-based rock music that has a pop vocal delivery carrying it, similar to artists like Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp, then you’ll definitely want to give Joe Miralles a shot.



CMM Music review

"Joe Miralles is a  singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia area. Blessed with talent, he not only sings, but plays guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. Performing often in the Philadelphia-New York region, he has released four recordings over the years, with his latest, “Under The Sun,” available here. If you like David Crowder, Crowded House, Jars of Clay, or Brandon Heath, check out Joe Miralles’ music, too! Find Joe on

Music Blogger Cory Enderby

I really dig it when I come across an eclectic artist who plays music that reminds me of the 90's. For me, it seemed like that was an era when "alternative" was still a baby and music was experimental and emotional. Couple that with his obvious sincere devotion to Jesus, and you have great music. Meet Joe Miralles. Having written 4 albums, Under The Sun is Joe's latest release which features 5 tracks, and I must say, this is one well-recorded album. My favorite tracks are "Under The Sun" and "Do You Still Believe" with it's driving tempo and edgy guitars. Joe is a great songwriter and an artist that you should definitely know about. He is based out of Philadelphia, so if you're ever in the Northeast, be sure to look for his live show. I am sure it's unforgettable. "

Jesus Freak Hideout

For the better part of two decades, Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Joe Miralles has been honing his craft, writing and performing his own songs for varying crowds. Now, with a handful of albums to his name, Miralles has five new songs ready for his 2012 EP Under the Sun "Under the Sun" encourages standing for God's will in the face of hatred and adversity, but then "Lost You Somewhere" shows the singer coming to terms with the intentional loss of a loved one. It's nice to see his undying devotion in his lyrics, but also his humanity and openness with the things he's struggled with. He's obviously talented and has a passion for making music, though, and that can make for some good things down the line.